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How to Enable or Disable the Agent Promotion Feature
How to Enable or Disable the Agent Promotion Feature

No longer interested in your profile being presented to unsponsored Real Estate Agents in your area? Learn how to turn this feature off.

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If you're on a Lender Pro account, chances are your profile is being presented to Real Estate Agents in your area who are using Homebot, but have yet to partner with a Lender.

Homebot works best when Loan Officers and Agents work together to empower clients with both home finance and real estate expertise. Our matching service makes it that much easier.

While Real Estate Agents can sign up for their own accounts, certain features like Homebot for Buyers, POWER UPS, and Video Manager can only be used once they have partnered with a Lender.

We understand you may already be generating a ton of business from partners with agents with large networks and you might be thinking of turning it off for now.

To do so, go to your Agents tab, and then from the Sponsored Agents subtab, toggle this feature off (or back on!):

Have questions? Send a chat to our live support team using the pink chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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