Now Homebot can work even harder for you -- and make your client's experience even more seamless. Differentiate your Homebot while also saving yourself some time by turning on some POWER UPS & leveraging Video!

Customize your client's portal by integrating your favorite tools & using ours:

Please note: POWER UPS and Video Manager is only available to agents partnered with a lender.

Ready to electrify your Homebot? Here's how to find your options:

1. From your homepage, select the Customize tab

2. Select either the POWER UPS subtab or VIDEOS, depending on your goals


Click "+ Get Started" with your tool of choice and follow the prompts to connect your account:

Once connected, you'll see the tool shows a green checkmark saying "Connected":

Repeat the following steps for all accounts you'd like to connect with!


Here's how to get started with Video Manager:

  1. Learn what video options are available and discover scripts to help you craft your messaging

  2. Choose a platform to host your custom video messages (Wistia, BombBomb, YouTube, or PitchHub)

  3. Add your custom video to Video Manager from the Customize tab

  4. Confirm it looks good and aligns with your company's compliance regulations, and you're done! Your video will automatically appear in your clients' Homebot reports.

Have questions? We're here to help! Send us an email at [email protected] or shoot us a message via the pink help bubble to the bottom right of the screen. 

DISCLAIMER: Power Ups and Video Manager is only available to agents that are partnered with a lender.


  1. Check this out for step-by-steps to add your custom IDX to Buyers.

  2. Are we missing one of your beloved tools? We'd love to hear from you with more Power Up suggestions. Tell us what you'd love to see here.

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