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Module Overview: Equity Smart Search Calculator
Module Overview: Equity Smart Search Calculator

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Client's with 35% or more in home equity can explore a down-sizing scenario through their Homebot Value Report (watch the gif below):

Using the home value and the loan balance, the Equity Smart Search Calculator calculates the home equity and applies a 7% selling fee + 20% downpayment to provide a cost estimate.

It also applies average rates for a 30-year fixed loan to help your client understand likely changes in their monthly payment.

Clients can send you a message at the click of a button, notifying you that they're interested in learning more about how they could downsize and pocket some of their equity:

The best next step is to call your client and understand their goals better.

If you're a lender:

  • Ask your client if they're working with an agent or would like to speak with one.

  • If they haven't started working with an agent, introduce them to someone in your network.

  • With your client's goals in mind, help them understand their loan options and associated costs.

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