Default explainer videos are available in the digest to every Homebot user. However, custom videos are only available to those with a Pro plan. Customized videos can replace default videos as desired. Should you prefer to go back to the default video or your customized video is out-of-date, you can simply delete your video and a default video will take it's place just as before.

Not sure where to find the video ID for the video platform you're using? We've provided you guides below for each platform:


In YouTube, open the video you'll be adding to the email in Homebot. All you'll need is the URL link - just copy & paste!


In BombBomb, you'll need the embed code. This BombBomb help article will teach you how to capture the embed code!


In PitchHub, select 'Downloads & Exports' from the video you'd like to include in the email. Then, select the "export" section, under "export type" click the 'Copy' button next to 'Video ID'.

For details, please click here to see PitchHub's step-by-step support article.

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