How to Use Instant Offer Interest

In this article, learn more about Instant Offer Interest, how to turn it on, and how to add your own custom video!

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Stay one step ahead of iBuyer platforms by educating your clients about the pros and cons of instant offers, all while keeping them as your lead.

Please note: Access to Instant Offer may vary by subscription; contact [email protected] with any questions.

How it Works

Once turned on, an Instant offer opportunity will show on your client's digest:

If clicked, they'll be shown a default or custom video explaining what an instant offer is. Your client will be able to click Get More Info to contact you for more information:

How to Turn it On

To turn it on, go to Customize from the navigation bar and then select + Get Started on the Instant Offer Interest card:

Click + Connect. You can use Homebot's generic video, or you can upload your own (using YouTube, BombBomb, or PitchHub) by clicking Customize:

Be sure to preview your video to ensure it's to your liking. Once you've uploaded your video, click Save, and you'll be good to go!

Leverage Instant Offer Interest

Interest in instant offers provides a clear signal that a homeowner is interested in selling. Whether you're a Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent, contact your client directly to get ahead of their purchase cycle:

Loan Officers, be sure to ask your client if they have a preferred listing agent or if they'd like an introduction to one in your network.

Homebot's Instant Offer Video Script:

iBuying or Instant Cash Offer is a new way to sell your home.

I'll be able to pull multiple offers and show you what a traditional listing scenario could look like

This way, you can better evaluate your options and decide which one is right for you. Click 'Get more info" to get in touch with me to evaluate your options.

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