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Do I have to invite agents through Freemium?

Want to skip Freemium and co-sponsor your agent off the bat? Here's what you need to know:

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We're so excited you're taking one step to furthering your business and building a strong relationship with the real estate agent!

Freemium is beneficial if you:

  • Are unsure about the agent's network of clients

  • Don't have time to sell the agent and want Homebot to sell them for you

  • Want to vet the agent closely to be sure they're the right fit

  • Want your agent to have a ramp-up period before being able to add up to 500 clients

You should by-pass Freemium if:

  • You trust the agent and know they have a great client roster

  • They've already heard about Homebot and/or are already using it

To by-pass Freemium, follow these steps:

1. From the "Agent" tab, select the "Invite" tab

2. Make sure the toggle is off (greyed out), see example below:

3. Share your personal landing page link or add the agent in by entering their full name and email address

Please Note: You must have a Pro account in order to co-sponsor real estate agents. 

Need help or have questions? We're here to support you! Send us a message using the pink chat icon to the bottom right of your screen!

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