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Should I be selective about the agents I invite to Freemium?
Should I be selective about the agents I invite to Freemium?

Excited about Freemium but are unsure how to best utilize it? Find the best practices here!

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We are so excited about the opportunity for you to use Freemium to:

  • Strengthen relationships with real estate agents

  • Accelerate your client portfolio with perspectives from your agents

  • Carefully vet your agent's use of Homebot to ensure they're a person you want to commit to co-sponsoring

  • Allow agents to sell themselves on Homebot, so you don't have to

In other words, Freemium is an opportunity for you to be selective about the agents you're choosing to co-sponsor. Since Freemium is free for you both, you can invite any and all agents you'd be interested in vetting. From there, you can monitor the agent's use and activity with Freemium to be sure you're ready to pay for their co-sponsorship. Learn more about monitoring your agent's use of Homebot. 

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