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How to: Update My Company or Office Information?
How to: Update My Company or Office Information?

Learn how to change your company and office information, plus additional customization for your clients

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Maintaining an up-to-date brand in a rapidly evolving mortgage and real estate market is critical to ensure your clients follow you wherever you go. The Company and Office settings offer you complete control of your brand.

Updating your Company Settings

To update your company/office information, navigate to Account picture in the top right, then click Admin & Settings.

You can keep your company/office branding up to date from there!

Updating your Office Details

Change offices recently? You can change all your office-level details to keep your clients up-to-date within the Office Details tab.

Customizing your Digest Settings

Want more customization on what your client's see? Within the Digest Settings tab, you can:

  • Turn off both short-term and reverse mortgage modules

  • Choose between displaying company and office addresses

  • Set your equal housing type

  • Add a custom company disclaimer


Not seeing Admin settings?

Send us an email or chat with the following information:

  •      Your New Email (if changing companies): 

  •      Company Name:

  •      Company Address:

  •      Company NMLS#

  •      Company Website URL: 

  •      Company Central Phone #: 

  •      Company Logo - Please send as a square image attached to your request

  •      Office Name:

  •      Office Phone #: 

  •      Office Address (Street, Suite #, City, State, Zip):

Email [email protected] or send us a chat using the pink message icon to the right!

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