How to Send a Personalized BombBomb Video from Homebot

Learn how to create and send personalized BombBomb videos to your clients in conjunction with their Homebot Digest

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Now that you've integrated BombBomb with Homebot, you can start utilizing them together to create customized videos for your clients with their Homebot digest.

From your Clients page, select the Homeowners tab and choose a client you'd like to engage with a personalized digest:

Click Preview Digest from your client's profile page, and from their digest report, look for the red button to record:

There are two options for creating your Homebot/BombBomb video, depending on your device.  Read on to find out which option is right for you.

Option 1:  Create a BombBomb/Homebot video using your mobile device. 

Option 2: Create a BombBomb/Homebot video from your desktop computer (record your screen or digest with BombBomb's screen capturer).

Option 1: For mobile devices

  1. Start BombBomb's video recorder from within the digest by clicking the red RECORD button in the upper right-hand corner of your clients' digest.

2. Now, click the red Record Your Video button in the center of your screen. Fix your hair, smile, and get ready to record your video!

3. After you've finished recording your video, click the red STOP button to stop your video recording.

4. To preview your video, click the triangular PLAY button in the video screen located at the bottom and in the center of your video screen (the white triangle). 

5. Once you are happy with your video, click the blue Save Video button to keep your video and proceed with further customizing and then sending your video.

Note: You can also click the white text that reads RE-RECORD to create a new version of your video (this function automatically deletes the old video).

6. Once your video has been saved; you are ready to edit the To email address, the Subject, and the Body of your video email to your client.  

Feel free to change these fields to whatever you'd like by clicking in the boxes, deleting the text, and retyping your new text.

Note: For your ease of use, Homebot automatically suggests these three fields and will insert a link "View your Homebot Report ››" that sends the client directly to their home digest.  

7. When you have double-checked your video message, click the blue Send Email button (featured below by the pink arrow) to send your video and your client's digest to them directly.

That's it! Your client will now be emailed a personalized BombBomb video of you along with their updated, Homebot digest!

Option 2: For desktop computers

If you're on your computer, creating a BombBomb video in your Homebot account is almost the same as creating one on your mobile device, with a few key differences.

To save you time, we recommend watching our video to guide you through how you can record your BombBomb video and display a client's Homebot Digest at the same time. 

BombBomb has done an incredible job of explaining how to set up and use their cool new screen recorder here (with, of course, a great instructional video), but if you're enjoying our written instructions and you've made it this far, read on!

1. From within your client's digest, click the red RECORD button to the right of your company logo to begin your recording:

2. BombBomb's recording box will then appear underneath the RECORD button and in the top right-hand corner of your client's digest.  

Click the screen recorder icon located at the bottom of the video recorder (and featured below), to allow BombBomb's video recorder to live-capture your computer screen in your recording.  

3. You will now be taken to a new tab where the BombBomb screen record app is opening.  

Follow BombBomb's instructions for downloading and installing the BombBomb Desktop App on your computer. 

Note: You must complete this step in order to authorize screen sharing and allow clients to see their digest (your screen) and your personalized video at the same time.

4. You'll know that the BombBomb screen record app is open when you see the BombBomb bar at the top of your screen.  

Click the red Start Recording button to begin recording your video and your screen at the same time. 

Important Note: You'll get a 3-second countdown before the recording starts. Make sure that your desktop view is only of your client's digest.  The screen recorder will capture anything else that is open and visible on your computer screen!  

See our example, featured directly below, for an optimal screen and video capture.

Note: At any time during the recording, you can stop recording your computer screen by clicking the Switch to Camera Mode button directly under your video bubble (featured below by the pink arrow). This will end the screen recording but will continue recording your personalized video.

5. When you are finished recording your entire video, click the red STOP button to end your recording.  

6. Repeat steps 4-8 under Option 1: For mobile devices, finalize your personalized BombBomb video and screen capture and then send it to your client(s).

You're Done! Your clients will be super excited to hear what you have to say about their monthly home digest and how you can help them save money and build wealth!

For more information on how to record and send videos, our friends at BombBomb have an incredible FAQ and help section.

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