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How Clients Send Direct Messages Through Homebot
How Clients Send Direct Messages Through Homebot

Learn how your clients can message you directly from their Homebot digest.

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Throughout every module customers will find various ways of reaching you including pink chat bubbles with pre-written and custom questions:

You'll be immediately emailed once your client clicks on a pink chat bubble. You can leverage inbound messages to generate transactions based on the message sent.

Be sure to review the email first and take a look at their activity to understand your client's motivations better:

You can respond to your client by replying to the email:

Agents, please note: If you're co-sponsored with a loan officer on Hombot, and a client asks a financially focused question (refi's, prequals, and cash-outs), your loan officer will be contacted directly, and you will be cc'd on the email.

Have additional questions or would like further support? Please send us a chat using the pink message icon in the bottom right-hand corner!

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