Due to how we collect data on your client's home, the address cannot be edited after they've been added to Homebot's system. Instead, the new or updated address must be added.

You can add a new address for your client in the following ways:

  1. Directly from the ADD CLIENT tab.

  2. By clicking +Add Home from your client's digest

Once you've added the new client's address, delete the old address from the client's profile.


Search and select your client from the HOMEOWNERS tab:

Select Preview Digest from the client's profile page:

In the upper right-hand corner of your homeowner's digest, select +Add Home:

Enter in the new address for your client:

Once the new address is added, select the old address from the digest:

Click 'Back to Client' to delete old address:

Select 'Delete this home':

Confirm you'd like to delete this home in the pop-up:

Your client will now start receiving a digest for the new address. 

If you are receiving an error that the property has already been added, it may be because the address types are too similar. 

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