Welcome to Homebot! We're excited you're here! Let's learn how to navigate your account. 

At the top of your screen, you'll see “Clients,” “Share”, and “Logout.” Let's review each of these. 

- Clients :: This tab shows a complete list of all clients that have been uploaded to your account.

- Share :: This tab allows you to share Homebot across all of your social media platforms! You will be given a unique, personalized URL that new leads can use to sign-up for Homebot. Check it out and start getting digital referrals today!

- Logout :: Use this tab to log out of your account. 

Let's click into each tab to learn more!

Clients | A Deeper Look 

-> Activity :: The Activity tab shows useful stats about the emails you send out, who is viewing them, and how many times. Use this tab to reconnect with potential new leads by following up with the most active homeowners!

-> Find a Client :: This is a complete list of all your clients. Use the search bar to find a client by name or property address. Matching clients will appear as you type. You'll notice three sub-tabs on this page. All, Unsent, and Needs CMA. 

  • All :: Refers to all clients in your account.
  • Needs CMA :: Shows all clients who have requested a CMA. 
  • Leads :: A list of all leads captured through your personalized URL.
  • Bad Emails :: Shows all clients with email issues (i.e. invalid email, client unsubscribed, email bounced , etc).

-> Add New :: Allows you to add a new client. Type the client’s information into the fields and then click “Add home.” They will show up in your client list once they have been added to the system. Be sure to include the property address and email address correctly!

-> Realtors / Sponsors :: 

  • As a loan officer, your Realtors tab will comprise a list of all realtors who have represented your client on the purchase of their home. 
  • As a real estate agent, your Sponsors tab will show your sponsoring loan officer.

Share | A Deeper Look

-> Facebook Sharing :: Quickly share to Facebook using the post suggestions! If you manage a business Facebook page, be sure you set up the post accordingly by clicking the dropdown arrow and select "Post on a Page you manage." This will allow you to post on your business page. 

-> Personal URL :: Copy and paste your personal URL on any site you'd like (your website, Linkedin, email signature, etc)! Interested homeowners will have the ability to sign-up and receive their digest from you, instantly adding them to your client-base!

Profile Settings ::

Located at the top-right of your screen | Click on your image/name

To edit your profile settings and set up billing, click on your name/picture in the upper-right corner of the screen. You can edit your details here, such as your preferred photo (photo URL), contact information, etc. This can be updated at any time and is visible to your clients. You can also edit your billing information here. 

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