How do I log in? What’s my password?
To log in, use your email address associated to your account to request a log in link at An email will be sent to you containing a link to log in. Click the link to access your account. We've also added a password login option. Read more about the new feature here: How to set a Password to Login to your Account
Please reach out to our support team if you forgot your email.

How can my assistant log in to manage my account?
Set a password for logging in so your assistance can easily access your account. Learn how to set your password here.

How often are digests sent out? Are digests sent automatically or do I need to send them myself?
Digests are sent out on a rolling basis. Our system will automatically send out a digest to your clients every 30 days (give or take a few days). There is no specific date that digests get sent out. You can also manually send a digest by going into your client's home dashboard and clicking Send Digest > Send Real Digest.

How do I turn monthly digest auto-send ON and OFF?
If you account has auto-send turned ON, that means your clients will automatically be sent their Homebot digest every month. If auto-send is turned OFF, that means you will need to proactively send digests to your clients manually (one-by-one)

Switching this setting on and off is very easy. Simply go to your profile settings by clicking on your name/picture at the top right of your screen. Click DIGEST SETTINGS to toggle between Off and On for "Send monthly digests". Be sure to press Save at the bottom of the page to update your changes.

Where is the buyer's agent? What if the buyer's agent displayed is incorrect?

To display buyer's agent details, we use a third-party data source. When a home is added to Homebot, our system searches MLS data for various facts about the home, including who represented the buyer during the transaction. If an agent is found, their information will be displayed accordingly. If there is no buyer's agent information, that means the MLS did not return an agent. If the agent displayed is incorrect, that means the MLS data has the shown agent as the most recent buyer's agent on that home. At this time, we do not have the ability to edit or change the buyer's agent information.

Where does the home value estimation come from?
The estimated value of your client's home comes from a third-party computer algorithm that’s used nationally to assess the value of a home. Improvements to your client's home and other things haven’t been factored in yet. You can always update the value of the home through the CMA process (see "How to Edit the Home Value via CMA Process" for more info).

Where do the refi rates come from?
The refi rates displayed are generic across all digests and are based on current national rate trends. It's important to note that a homeowner's ability to qualify will vary based on individual circumstance. 

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