Homebot Home Search is now available for Real Estate Agents!

Help your clients make smart purchase decisions with personalized financial insights on every listing.

Homebot Home Search helps agents stay connected to prospects and past clients the moment they start the home buying journey.

You are now able to help them navigate home affordability and timing, work together on a budget, help them get prequalified, show listings in other markets, and provide smart buying insights customized to their exact needs.

As their agent and trusted advisor, you're able to:

  • Connect with clients sooner

  • Utilize behavioral insights to engage with active buyers sooner

  • Qualify top prospects to help foster new relationships and repeat business

This uniquely positions you to become your client’s trusted source for strategic advice and personalized insights throughout their homeownership journey.

Getting Started on Homebot Home Search For Real Estate Agents

Home Search is available for free to any real estate agent on Homebot with a co-sponsored loan officer. To utilize Home Search for agents, you must be sponsored by a loan officer. Learn how to secure a Lender Co-Sponsor here.

All your buyers will immediately receive access through a new-and-improved monthly buyer report email, and updates to their home digests.

Check out THIS product tour for how to test this as a prospective buyer client!

How do I add prospective buyers to Homebot Home Search?

When the Homebot Home Search power-up is connected, you'll have access to a new personalized URL (or PURL) that you can share with prospects to help capture active buyers to expand your client database.

What if I don’t have a loan officer co-sponsorship?

No problem. We make it easy to connect with your preferred loan officer partner. Learn how to send a loan officer invite here. Take a look at our self guided tours for extra help

Already have the Customer Listings power-up connected?

You're only allowed to have one home search power-up enabled at a time to ensure your clients have a consistent search experience. Simply disconnect Customer Listings and connect the Homebot Home Search power-up.

Is Home Search automatically turned on if I have a co-sponsorship? What if I want to turn it off?

Yes, Home Search is automatically enabled for all real estate agents with a co-sponsored loan officer. However, you can disable the feature. Simply navigate to the "Customize" tab, click the “Home Search” power up, then click “Disconnect.” This will automatically remove Home Search for your clients.

How to Connect with Clients Using Homebot Home Search for Real Estate Agents

There are many ways in which agents are highlighted in the Home Search experience, with ample opportunities built in to start conversations, answer questions, and connect with your clients at each step of their journey.

1. Your contact information will now appear directly on the listings detail page. This enables your clients to reach out directly while exploring homes to ask questions, get more information, and even schedule a tour.

2. The lender co-sponsor will now appear in the “Your Team” tab. This allows for you and your co-sponsored lender to be highly visible to your clients on each listing page.

3. All direct messages from clients (with the exception of the pre-qualification message) in the “Listings” side panel will now be routed to you as the agent. This enables even more ways for clients to reach out directly to engage in conversation about home affordability, buying budgets, and more.

4. The prequalification direct message will now be delivered to both agent and lender. This allows your co-sponsored lender to be immediately notified of any pre approval opportunities, while keeping you in the loop as well.

5. Everything else within Home Search is identical to the lender experience. Read about the Home Search for lenders here.

How will I be visible to my clients?

Your contact information and image appear everywhere the buyer sees listings, with ways for them to raise their hand and contact you directly when they want to learn more about any specific home.

This means that you are staying top-of-mind and seen as a trusted advisor when the buyer is ready to purchase.

How will my clients get Home Search?

Your clients will be sent a monthly market report as well as have search information included in their monthly digest emails once you enable the feature.

Home Search will be enabled automatically if you’re co-sponsored with a loan officer.

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