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Home Search Options for Loan Officer Database
Home Search Options for Loan Officer Database

Homebot Home Search is the only search solution that helps buyers build wealth with simplified, smarter listing results. Read more here.

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What Are Homebot's Home Search Options for Loan Officers?

Loan Officers using Homebot have a couple options to support clients' home buying journey.

  • Homebot Home Search with Homebot's Pro Plus Plan: Homebot transforms traditional home buying with Homebot Home Search, designed to help buyers build wealth by providing personalized financial insights on every listing and email from Homebot. Upgrade to Pro Plus any time.

  • Ylopo with Homebot's Pro Plan: This optional Power Up is an integration with our partners at Ylopo. When turned on, this Power Up lets buyers browse for-sale homes on a third party website (Ylopo), which they can easily navigate to from Homebot.

Read on to learn how these home search tools differ and which one is right for you and your clients.

Why Use Homebot Home Search

Homebot Home Search is a reimagined home search experience that's smarter and simpler for buyers and their Loan Officers.

Homebot Home Search's personalized, budget-based insights — combined with one-click access to reach you any time — helps clients house hunt with more confidence than ever before. Your clients will have access to this search experience if you’re on a Pro Plus plan for Loan Officers.

There are a few special features in Homebot Home Search you won't find in any other listings tool:

  • Clients see financial insights unique to their budget and market trends on every listing, helping them understand affordability and whether a home is a smart investment for them.

  • Buyers stay in your branded search experience as they browse properties. You're positioned as their go-to source of information when they want to talk about a home: it's easy for clients to ask for advice or engage YOU for next steps, making your next purchase prospect just one email away.

  • Effortlessly engage your clients with automated, always-relevant content sent to their inbox. Monthly market reports contain personalized home purchase insights, and reimagined listing updates are sent daily (or when triggered by an update) to tell clients which for-sale homes are the smartest options to for them to consider.

  • Meet buyers where they love looking at homes: Zillow. The Homebot for Chrome extension transports your brand and the buyer's personalized financial insights to every Zillow listing.

Why Use Ylopo

If you’re on the Pro plan for Loan Officers, the Ylopo-powered integration can be turned on in your Customize tab.

When turned on, clients exploring markets in Homebot can leave Homebot and hop into Ylopo to look at available listings. When a client visits Ylopo's home search, your branding and contact information do not appear on any listings.

You'll see which listings your clients are looking at in your Activity Feed, so you can keep track of active buyers who might need a phone call.

Your clients will receive monthly market report emails that give them an easy way to learn about market conditions in areas they're interested in buying a home. These reports do not include listing content. If clients want to view listings, they can easily get to Ylopo from their digest (if they're a homeowner) or market report.

Check out this article for more about using the Ylopo Power Up. Or, learn more here about the buyer’s experience when you're a Loan Officer on the Pro plan.

We're here to help you decide which plan fits your needs best. Homebot's plans for Loan Officers are month-to-month, so you don't need to worry about long-term commitments and you're free to try out Pro or Pro Plus.

Schedule your 1:1 demo with a Homebot expert to discuss your options!

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