What is Homebot for Chrome?

Homebot for Chrome is an easy-to-use Google Chrome extension that activates the Homebot Home Search experience on Zillow listings. The tool allows buyers to take their personalized financial insights — and their Loan Officer — with them when they browse homes for sale on Zillow.

Homebot for Chrome is available on Homebot's Pro Plus plan for Loan Officers. Upgrade to Pro Plus any time.

How it Works for Home Buyers

A Chrome extension is a widely-used tool to customize your online browsing experience while using the Google Chrome browser. You must be using Chrome to use this extension. Only people getting Homebot from a Loan Officer on the Pro Plus plan will be able to use the extension.

Installing Homebot for Chrome is fast and easy. How fast and easy? Here's a video of how your client can get it up and running:

Buyers will see links to download Homebot for Chrome throughout Homebot Home Search.

Your clients can follow these steps to install Homebot for Chrome in under a minute:

1. Clients can follow this link to find the extension in the Chrome Store.

2. They'll click the "Add to Chrome" button, then “Add extension” in the pop-up menu to confirm installation.

3. Almost there! Clients will land on a Homebot page as the extension sets itself up. When everything goes smoothly, the "See Listings" button will take them to Zillow to start looking at listings.

As buyers look at homes on Zillow, Homebot for Chrome will show them if the home is a smart, fair, or weak purchase decision based on the listing’s price, national buying trends, and market data. And, buyers can personalize these financial insights by updating the information in the Your Profile tab.

Read this article to learn more about Homebot Home Search's insights for smart, fair, and weak buys.

Clicking on the green, orange, or red bothead will expand the insights tab, giving clients an interactive way to understand why the home is or isn't a smart investment based on their budget.

Other ways clients can find Homebot for Chrome are:

  • Throughout the Homebot Home Search portal in Homebot

  • In monthly market reports

  • In daily listing update emails (if they've opted-in to receive them)

Are You a Loan Officer trying Homebot for Chrome?

Follow these steps to try the extension:

  1. Log into Homebot and create a buyer client that's purely for testing purposes (not a real client).

  2. Go to that test buyer in your Homebot account., Send your test buyer a market report by clicking “Send Report”.

  3. DON'T SKIP THIS STEP: Log out of your Homebot account. Make sure you’re not logged into your Homebot account in any other browser window or tab.

  4. In your email inbox, find the market report email you just sent, and click the "Explore" button to open the Homebot buyer experience in your browser.

  5. Now, use this link to find the extension in the Chrome Store and follow the prompts to install it.

  6. Once the extension is successfully installed, head to Zillow to start looking at listings.

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