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How to Assign CMA Requests to Cosponsored Agents
How to Assign CMA Requests to Cosponsored Agents

If you are a Loan Officer, learn how to assign CMA requests here.

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It couldn't be easier to hand client leads to Agents and ensure your clients have direct access to the right experts at the right time.

By assigning CMA requests to a co-sponsored Real Estate Agent, your clients will keep you top of mind while you're facilitating a new connection for Real Estate Partners. You can also update the home value yourself from the client's profile.

Keep in mind; the ability to assign CMAs to Real Estate Agents is only available to your Co-Sponsored agents on Homebot. Learn more about partnering with an Agent.

Ready to assign CMA requests?

First, go to your Clients tab, select Homeowners, and then select 'Needs CMA.'

Next to your client's name, select 'Assign to Agents' to select a Real Estate Agent partner from the drop-down menu. You'll be prompted to confirm your choice:

Assign as many Co-Sponsored Real Estate Agents you'd like!

Selected Real Estate Agents will receive an email notification prompting them to complete the CMA:

If they click 'Complete CMA,' Real Estate Agents will be redirected to your client's profile page to fill in the home value and range:

Once the agent completes the CMA, you and your client will receive an email notification, and the agent status will update to show ‘Completed.’

Email to your client:

Email to you:

If your Real Estate Agent is unable to complete it and marks 'Not Interested' - we'll notify you:

If you haven't already assigned the CMA to other agents as well, you'll be able to click 'View Client' and re-assign them!

For those who do not yet have co-sponsored Agents…

You’ll need to co-sponsor at least one Real Estate Agent to assign a CMA to them. Learn how to land agent partners here or start by clicking 'Invite an Agent':

Receiving an error message while assigning a Real Estate Agent? It's possible that they have yet to finish setting up their account.

Please send us a chat using the pink icon in the right-hand corner with the name of the client and agent. We'll be happy to sort it out for you!

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