When clients reach out about refinancing opportunities and prequalification, you and your Lender partner will be notified via email. Take the next step by ensuring your client and Lender are thoughtfully connected by sharing your client's digest report.

Step 1: From Clients in your navigation bar, select the Homeowners subtab and select the appropriate client:

Step 2: Click on 'Send Home Email'

Step 3: Next, delete the pre-written email in pink and replace it with your lender's email. Lastly, send the client's digest by clicking the paper airplane to the right:

Step 4: Reach out to your shared client & partnered Lender.

  • Let your client know that your Lender partner will be in touch; remind them you're available if needed and that you will check in with them in a few days.

  • Notify your Lender partner that you've sent them the client's digest.

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