Leveraging Video Email is a powerful way to regularly engage your buyers and keep them updated on market trends & rate changes.

Check out our video below on how to use video email for buyers:

You'll want to focus on what's happening now, for example:

  • Inventory is opening-up

  • Specific opportunity for buyers to leverage lower interest rates


Keep in mind -

  • The video email is sent separately from, and in addition to, their monthly home value email.

  • Sends over a period of 7 days.

  • The video must be added from BombBomb, Youtube, or PitchHub (learn how here).

For Youtube Specifically:

  • Video must be over 60 seconds

  • Video must not be a YouTube Short

  • Video must be in landscape (horizontal) format

  • Video must be on public setting

Learn more about Homebot Video Email here.

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