With access to Market Explorer, your client finally has a way to understand the market they’re buying into. Since these tools and capabilities are so new, there are many ways to set up your buyers for engagement and ensure they stay engaged!

In this article, we'll review each step you can take to create and maintain engaged buyers using our POWER UP Video Email tool (read this article to learn more).

STEP #1: Welcoming your prospects to Homebot for Buyers is buyers via video email

Your clients may never have researched the market before or haven't had a tool that allows them to compare markets, sort by preferences, and filter the market by values that matter most to them!

Set your client up for success by sending them a welcome video email walking them through each part of the buyer's report:

Once you've crafted your video, using your own buyer's report as the example, upload it to Video Email for Buyers to send to all valid buyer accounts.

P.S. This is a great first-time tactic, whether you've just added your prospects into Homebot or they've been there for a while and have yet to be engaged.

STEP #2: Follow up with monthly market reports

Once you've fostered initial engagement, remind clients why you're their trusted home wealth expert—leverage video email to keep clients updated on market trends and stay in their sphere of influence.

TIP: Empower client's with information and tell them what it means to them:

  • Inventory - is it low, high, steady? How does it impact their timeline & cost?

  • Demand & competition - what's the temperament of the market? What should buyers expect? How can they prepare?

  • Rates - are they low, high, steady? What does that mean for your buyer's wallet?

Keeping your client's alert to market fluctuations or changes in rates ensures you maintain your competitive advantage by continually empowering your clients with valuable insight.

Once you've created your market update video, upload it to Video Email for Buyers to send all valid buyer accounts.

STEP #3: Leverage buyer data to personalize engagement

Using the data available in your Activity Feed, sort by Buyers and then select 'Hide clients that only have views' to narrow down to client's who have taken any action on the report:

Once you've narrowed down your list, click on a client's profile to get insight into their personal actions:

Find the story in their behavioral data and send out a personal touch to drive their next action, whether it's pre-approval or listing their property.

When you've determined their next best step, click "Preview Report" to send a BombBomb video directly from their report:

--- More strategies below ---

#1 If you've newly added home search capabilities, show your client's how to use it!

#2 Break Homebot for Buyers into segments for video emailing.

  • Video Email #1 - Using Market Explorer

  • Video Email #2 - Using the Buyers Report

  • Video Email #3 - Searching for properties

#3 Break Homebot for Buyers down even further to gauge interest:

  • Every 2 - 4 weeks, pick a new feature of Homebot to showcase to your client's

  • After your video has been sent, use your Activity Feed to filter to Buyers and see how many clients engaged with that feature!

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