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Navigating the Market Explorer Tool
Navigating the Market Explorer Tool

Learn all the features available from market explorer and how your clients can leverage to understand their market and take action.

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The Market Explorer tool allows your clients to:

  • Get a birds-eye view of their market and visually compare zip codes

  • Deep dive into a specific zip code to better understand the temperature, property details, and buying timeline

  • View homes in their area directly from Homebot

Client's have access through their buyers report to an interactive map called, 'Market Explorer' where they can explore their area of interest by the factors most important to them:

  • Market temperature

  • Square footage

  • Cost

  • Timeline to move

They can deep dive into a zip code of interest to learn:

  • Market temperature trends & its impact on availability + affordability

  • Property detail averages

  • View homes in the area

  • Timeline to move

Of course, your clients can inquire and send you a message at the click of a button.

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