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Video of Buyer Experience From Your Client's Point of View
Video of Buyer Experience From Your Client's Point of View

In this article, learn all about your buyers onboarding and Homebot for Buyers experience.

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Watch this short video for a demonstration of your buyer's experience. Below, find a step-by-step tutorial:

Once your client joins Homebot, they'll receive the following emails:

#1. A customizable welcome email explaining the report

#2. An email inviting them to view their first report

Once they click 'Explore', they'll be prompted to fill out the following prompts:

If a client selects Buy a different home, Invest in real estate, or Just explore, they'll be prompted to add their own property:


If they add a home, Homebot will leverage the home's purchasing power to set their price point. Of course, both you and the buyer can adjust it at any time!

Whether they add the home, skip the step, or select Purchase my first home, Homebot will begin to capture important factors to their purchase decision, including:


Buyers can add when they are expecting to move to help you understand the immediacy and where they are in the buying process.

What matters most to you

A Buyer will select what they want out of their next home. From this list of options, we will drop the buyer on the correlated tab in the Markets report.


Then, we'll provide an estimated price point for the homeowner to begin searching with:

  • If the buyer added a home, Homebot calculates what's possible with the home equity.

  • If the buyer did not add a home, Homebot's the average median home price for the city they are looking in

Of course, your client's can easily adjust the price point of the home:

Once your clients have confirmed their pricepoint and click "Let's go!", they'll be brought to the market explorer map and will have the ability to start learning about their market!

We'll notify you when they take any significant actions, track their activity, and compile all of their information in their buyer's profile:


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