Curious what buyers looks and feels like from your clients perspective? Let's take a look!

Watch this short video for a demonstration of your buyers experience. Below, find a step-by-step tutorial:

Once your client is invited to Homebot, they'll receive the following emails:

A customizable welcome email explaining the report

Followed my an email inviting them to view their first report

Once they click 'View Report', they'll be prompted to fill out the following prompts:

Once complete, they'll be brought to the market explorer map and will have the ability to start learning about their market!

We'll notify you when they take any significant actions, track their activity, and compile all of their information in their buyers profile:


  • Be sure to add multiple zip codes of interest to your clients account so their first report is robust!
  • Turn on the home search feature to allow your clients to view homes without having to leave Homebot! If you're an agent, learn how here. If you're a lender, learn how here.
  • Use BombBomb to send a personalized message walking them through their report!

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