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Video of Homebot for Buyers (Pro and Base Overview)
Video of Homebot for Buyers (Pro and Base Overview)

Loan Officers on Homebot's Pro Plan can learn about the Homebot Buyer experience for their buyer clients, including a video tutorial.

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This article covers the Buyer experience for clients of Loan Officers on Homebot's Pro or Base Plan. Learn about different home search options for the Pro and Pro Plus plans, and how Homebot Home Search with Pro Plus helps clients make smart purchase decisions with personalized financial insights on every listing. Upgrade to Pro Plus any time.

Homebot for Buyers is a fun tool to educate your clients who are currently renting and don't own a home, and clients who are homeowners looking to buy a new or additional property.

This interactive investor-grade experience is sent automatically to your Buyer clients each month with content about:

  • Market conditions and neighborhood filters for where they're house hunting

  • Realistic expectations about a move timeline, property costs, and home details

  • What's an affordable price point at current interest rates

Plus, your clients will see your brand details throughout their Buyer experience, and they have easy ways to send you a direct message with a question or purchase loan opportunity.

Setting up your prospects to receive Homebot for Buyers is a terrific way to send them personalized, relevant content for their homeownership journey from the start of their home search.

Watch this short video walkthrough on Homebot for Buyers:

What does the Buyer experience look like from your client's perspective? Here's a video you can watch to see that.

Homebot's data for the Buyer experience comes from a third-party data provider called Altos Research, which provides active housing market data for 20,000+ local markets.

Find more information about Homebot for Buyers for Loan Officers on Homebot's Pro or Base Plan in the following resources:

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