Don’t let unengaged clients take up valuable capacity within your Homebot account! Use our bulk client management functionality to manage clients with email issues. 

WARNING: Deleting clients is permanent, be sure you've actively reached out to these clients to ensure they are no longer interested in receiving Homebot's emails. 

Now onto bulk deleting...

1. Select 'Clients' from the navigation bar and then select the 'Issues' tab:

2. Select the filter and the option you'd like to filter by, in this case - you'd only want to delete unsubscribed clients until you've proactively engaged the others to be sure they're not interested:

3. Next to column titles, select the box to the left of "CLIENT", this will select all clients you'd like to delete.

4. Then select "Delete # Clients" - it'll ask you to confirm. Once confirmed, wait for a couple of moments for the deletion to process and finalize

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