Homebot allows you to upload your client data directly to Homebot! Once uploaded, our data team will email you a confirmation and follow up if they need anything while they work to import your data.

Please note: By adding your clients to Homebot, they are automatically opted in to receive Homebot. They can unsubscribe at any time from their report or email. If you want your clients to self opt-in, read this article.

To upload your client data, log in to your Homebotapp.com account, and follow these steps below:

Step 1: Export your clients from your CRM or LOS tool or use one of our templates below as a guide. Download the list of requirements.

Step 2: Once you have all of your client information compiled in a spreadsheet, go to your Homebot account and select the upload it from your Add Clients Tab:

Step 3: Select 'Add clients in bulk':

Step 4: This step is required for all Loan Officers and will help us process your data faster if some information is missing. You must confirm two things:

  1. You allow Homebot to manually input your NMLS ID if it's missing from your spreadsheet

  2. You give Homebot permission to import loan information using public record data if required loan information is missing

Step 5: Review required fields for upload to ensure you have met the requirements or included any additional information you'd like added to the system:

Step 6: Upload or drag & drop your spreadsheet into the file uploader.

Step 7: Provide information about your clients - are the homeowners or buyers? How did you know them?:

Check your email for confirmation! Our Homebot data team will reach out if they need anything else to ensure a successful import!

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