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Where Does The Estimated Home Value Come From?
Where Does The Estimated Home Value Come From?

Understanding the home value estimation

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At Homebot, we’re committed to ensuring that our estimated property values (AVMs) are based on the most recent and accurate data available in the area. Our advanced algorithm utilizes a broad range of industry-leading data sources fine tuned by the foremost real estate analysts to provide the highest quality home valuation insights in the market.

If you uploaded your clients and included the home's sold price or appraisal value (highly recommended), Homebot will take the highest value.

Please note: The values do not account for home renovations or updates since purchase.

If your client has made home improvements or would like to challenge Homebot's estimated value, they can tune their value and request an expert opinion:

Learn how to leverage CMA requests, or you can update the home value directly.

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