This all changes today! With our Unpaid Balance feature, homeowners can now see their estimated current balance and have the option to update this number. We’ll save the value they enter and then amortize the loan to ensure they’re receiving the most accurate digest.

Why add this feature?

Homebot has been helping homeowners build wealth for three years now. But, what happens when homeowners do take action like making additional principal payments to increase their wealth? Ironically, until now, their growing wealth wasn't reflected in their Homebot digest. With this new enhancement, homeowners can update their unpaid loan balance and see their digest update accordingly in real time. 

How it works ...

It's easy! Homeowners simply go into the loan panel in their Homebot digest and update their estimated current balance.

Here's how ...

1.  Click on the left-hand side loan panel.

2. Homebot displays the estimated current unpaid balance. Click the blue Update balance button beneath it.

3. Type in the correct unpaid balance amount and save changes.

4. Explore an updated digest! As soon as changes are saved, the updated unpaid balance will be reflected throughout the Homebot digest.

Want more info on editing loan information? Check out our help article on how to Add, Edit, and Delete Loans.

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