Over time, emails can go bad and clients can unsubscribe or mark emails as spam. When this happens, you may not want these clients taking up valuable capacity within your Homebot account. 

Using our bulk client management functionality, you can easily remove multiple clients with email issues from your account — no more one-by-one deleting. Efficient list management can help you maintain a Homebot list full of clients ready to engage!

Here’s how it works …

1.  In your Homebot account, go to Clients > YOUR CLIENTS and click on Email Issues.

2.  You'll see a message indicating Email Issues has moved. Click the blue button that says, Let's go!

3.  Next to each client with an email issue, you'll see an empty grey box. Select the box next to a client to remove them from your Homebot account. Once you've selected all of the clients you would like to remove, click Delete [NUMBER] Clients.

Keep in mind: This is a permanent delete — if you make a mistake, you'll need to re-import those clients. 

That's not all ...

Homebot already achieves unparalleled engagement rates. But what about the clients that aren't engaging? Our latest enhancement gives you more visibility than ever before! You can now access a list of clients who haven't engaged with their Homebot digest.

Maybe these clients haven't checked an old email address where their Homebot digests are being sent. Maybe their inbox marked an email as spam because of their settings. Or maybe there's a typo in their home address and they never received a digest. Reach out to clients on your "Inactive" list and give them the opportunity to start building wealth!

Here’s how …

1.  In your Homebot account under Manage Clients, click on the "Filter by" dropdown and select Inactive

2.  Here, you'll be able to view all inactive clients and the reason they're not engaging with their Homebot digest. 

Tip: Clients with invalid emails may just need a phone call to get their email updated. Clients who are inactive or unsubscribed may not know what Homebot is. 

By educating them on the power of Homebot, they just might want to re-subscribe! Need to know how to subscribe & unsubscribe clients? Check out our help article here.

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