How do I access Homebot for Buyers?
To log in, use your email address associated to your account to request a log in link at An email will be sent to you containing a link to log in. Click the link to access your account. We've also added a password login option. Read more about the new feature here: How to set a Password to Login to your Account 

Once logged into your Homebot account, in the top navigation bar, you will see the Buyers tab. Click that tab to access Homebot for Buyers (HBB)!

How much does Homebot for Buyers Cost?
Access to Homebot for Buyers is included with all plans. You can explore markets and see what it's all about. In order to start sending reports to potential buyers, you must be on either Lender Pro, Pro Plus, or be an agent with a lender co-sponsor.

What is my client capacity for Homebot for Buyers?
Your client capacity can be consumed between homeowner clients and buyer leads however you'd like. For example, if you have 500 client capacity, you can have 480 homeowners and 20 buyers, or 50 homeowners and 450 buyers for a total of 500 clients. 

What if my client is both a Homeowner and a Buyer in the system?
If a client with the same email is both a Homeowner and a Buyer, this will count as one against your client capacity, rather than two. Note: The emails need to be the same as that is the unique identifier for the client.
Do my sponsored realtors have access to Homebot for Buyers?
Yes, they have complete access and split their client capacity between Homebot for Buyers and Homeowners.

How often are market reports sent out? Are market reports sent automatically or do I need to send them myself?

Market reports are sent out on a rolling basis. Our system will automatically send out a Market Report to your clients every 30 days (give or take a few days). There is no specific date that Market Reports get sent out. You can also manually send a Market Report by going into your client's home dashboard and clicking Send Report.

How do I turn monthly report auto-send ON and OFF for my buyers?
If your account has auto-send turned ON, that means your buyers will automatically be sent their market report every month. If auto-send is turned OFF, that means you will need to proactively send market reports to your clients manually (one-by-one). 

Switching this setting on and off is very easy. Simply go to your Profile Settings by clicking on your name/picture at the top right of your screen. Click DIGEST SETTINGS, then look under Buyer Report to toggle between Off and On for Send monthly report. Be sure to press Save at the bottom of the page to update your changes. Note: Pink = On 

Where does the market data come from?
We use a third-party data provider called Altos Research. Altos provides active housing market data for 20,000+ local markets.

Is there a way for me to know which homes a buyer is interested in?
Homebot has the availability to add a listing URL allow your leads access to active listings. Check out this help article for more details. Until you've set up your listing URL, we will show estimated available inventory figures related to the buyer's price point. If a client does have a particular home in mind, they can enter the address into our short-term rental module, which will allow them to see potential rental revenue on that property. When they do this, you will see an update in your Activity Feed with the address entered by your buyer.  

How will a buyer be migrated to my homeowner side once they purchase a home?
Coming soon!
Homebot will allow you to mark when the Buyer has purchased the home and should be added to your homeowner side of Homebot to start receiving a digest on their new home.  

What happens if I have a client who I've added as both a buyer and a homeowner and they unsubscribe them from one of those?
If a client unsubscribes from your Buyers list, it will not unsubscribe them from your homeowner list, and visa versa. For example, say you have an investor who receives a Buyer's Market Report and a Homeowner Digest... If they opt to stop receiving a Market Report, they will still receive their monthly Home Digest.

How do I delete a Buyer?
For now, you will need to simply unsubscribe any Buyer that you wish to delete from your list. To do this, simply click Preview Market Report in the Buyer's profile, scroll to the bottom of the Market Report and click Unsubscribe from Monthly Report

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