Homebot for Buyers helps convert your renters, investors, and new leads into buyers by showing them insightful information regarding purchasing a home in their favorite markets.

If you haven't added any potential buyers yet, check out this article to get started: Adding buyers to your database

Now that you've added some buyers, let's go through the Market Report they will receive...

From the Buyers tab at the top of the screen, click into YOUR BUYERS and click into their profile. From there, click Preview Report.

Your Buyers will be guided through a personalized onboarding experience where they can pick their buying motivations (purchasing timeline, personal home vs. investment, best value, popular areas, etc). Once complete, they will be taken to the Market Explorer where they can search areas to find ares with the largest home for the value, quickest buy, popularity, and best deals. 

In the top navigation, you'll see another tab labeled Buying Report.

  1. Price point :: The price point can be set by you or by the buyer at any time. All information below is based on their price point, as well as their favorite markets. Keeping these up-to-date will result in the best experience for your potential buyer.
  2. Market Temperature :: Use this as a legend to indicate the market temperature for a given locale. A buyer's market is represented by lower values in blue, while a seller's market is represented by higher values in red.
  3. Market Facts :: This outlines the data represented in the various markets chosen. These fields include: market temperature score, buying timeline, square feet you can afford, and average price.
  4. View :: Click into a specific market to learn more by clicking the View button.
  5. Add market :: Need to add another market? No problem! Click this button to add another favorite area.

Understanding the buying process is essential to propelling your leads towards making a decision. Our buying timeline will outline the main steps in home buying, helping them understand the best time to get started and set expectations around accordingly. You can customize the Prepare and Close days within your account settings under Digest Settings.

Your potential buyers can also Explore more markets and quickly direct message you with questions!

Interest rates change everyday and that can affect what your potential buyer could qualify for. Their Market Report will show them how interest rates rising/falling may ultimately affect what they could afford

In the example below, you can see that interest rates have been rising, which means their affordability has decreased overtime.

Click (1) to Change the price point. Watch (2) to see the affordability graph change over time. Buyers can click (3) to quickly get answers.

When updating the Price Point, you or the potential buyer will complete the form below. You'll notice three option to set the price point: requesting a pre-qual, using the price point calculator, or directly entering a custom price point.

Buyers can also learn more about the potential income opportunities of Airbnb with our short-term rental module. Buyers can enter addresses and zip codes, as well as how many nights per month, to determine earning potential.

That's all for now. Let us know if you have any questions!

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