Homebot for Buyers helps convert your renters, investors, and new leads into buyers by showing them insightful information regarding purchasing a home in their favorite markets.

You can add buyers manually or by uploading your leads list directly to Homebot. Take a 2-minute guided tour showing you how to upload clients here.


From the Clients page, select ADD CLIENT:

Fill out the CONTACT INFO page & select BUYER PROFILE to turn on the Add as a Buyer toggle:

Click Save or press enter to add your client, and boom! They're in and will receive their first report within 72 hours of being added.


Export your clients from your CRM or LOS tool or use one of our templates below as a guide.

Once you have all of your buyers' information compiled in a spreadsheet, go to your Homebot account and select Add clients in bulk from your Add Clients Tab:

Upload or drag and drop up to five client import files:

Be sure to denote the file types by selecting Buyers once the file is uploaded:

Once you click Upload, our data team will get to work - your buyers will be imported within seven business days, and we'll email you once the import is complete:

Now that you're on your way to adding new buyers learn how to grab and keep their engagement.

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