Homebot for Buyers helps convert your renters, investors, and new leads into buyers by showing them insightful information regarding purchasing a home in their favorite markets.

You can add buyers manually or by uploading your leads list directly to Homebot. See below to learn more:


1. Select the Add Client under your Client tab

2. Click Add one client at a time

Fill out the CONTACT INFO page & select BUYER PROFILE to turn on the Add as a Buyer toggle:

4. Click the "Save" button or press enter to add your client


Step 1: Export your clients from your CRM or LOS tool or use one of our templates below as a guide.

Step 2: Once you have all of your client information compiled in a spreadsheet, go to your Homebot account and select the upload it from your Add Clients Tab:

Step 3: Follow each step to provide additional information about your upload:

Step 4: Upload or drag & drop your spreadsheet into the file uploader. Our Homebot data team will reach out if they need anything else to ensure a successful import!

Now that you're on your way to adding new buyers learn how to create engaged buyers.

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