This video will answer some of the most common questions regarding estimated home values, the CMA process, and where we get our data from....

Where do we get our data from?

Homebot uses a combination of data sources including the local MLS, public record, and several of the leading financial services and data companies in the world. At the end of the day, these are estimates by computers. While these values are fairly accurrate most of the time, there may be the occasional need for human intervention.

How accurate is the estimated home value on my client's home?

 We use a third-party data provider for home values (Black Knight Financial Data Services). Every month, we run an update to the home values which adjusts the home value a percentage based on appreciate/depreciation in the market. These estimated home values are often quite accurate. However, they can never replace the need for real estate agents and can sometimes need an adjustment. 

What if the value is wrong? How can I change the home value?

Homebot puts the power back in your hands. Simply update the value of your client's home by following the steps found in our article, "How to edit the home value via CMA process."

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