Required Fields for Basic Import (uses public record data for loan info):

  • Borrower First Name
  • Borrower Last Name
  • Borrower Email (If applicable: Co-Borrower First Name, Last Name, Email - a unique email is required for the co-borrower to be added (cannot be the same as borrower’s email)
  • Property Address
  • Property Zip

Required Fields for Loan Data (uses your loan data in conjunction with the public record to populate the most accurate digest for your clients):

  • Total Loan Amount
  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Term (# of Months)
  • Loan Purpose (Refi, Purchase, Etc)
  • Closing Date
  • NMLS Loan Originator ID (your personal NMLS ID)
  • NMLS Loan Type (similar to Lien Position)
  • Lender NMLS ID (your company NMLS ID)

Highly recommended fields (we recommend including this information, if possible):

  • Sold Price
  • Appraised Value
  • Borr & Co-Borr DOBs (MM/DD/YYY)
  • Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium
  • Loan Number (can be used when integrating with the Homebot API)


Step 1: Export your clients from your CRM or LOS tool or use one of our templates below as a guide.

Step 2: Once you have all of your client information compiled in a spreadsheet, go to your Homebot account and select the upload it from your Add Clients Tab:

Step 3: This step is required for all Loan Officers and will help us process your data faster if some information is missing. You must confirm two things:

  1. You allow Homebot to manually input your NMLS ID if it's missing from your spreadsheet
  2. You give Homebot permission to import loan information using public record data if required loan information is missing

Step 4: Follow each additional step to provide additional information about your upload:

Step 5: Upload or drag & drop your spreadsheet into the file uploader. Our Homebot data team will reach out if they need anything else to ensure a successful import!

Be sure to upload separate files for your homeowners and buyers looking to purchase!

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