Please note, this is just a template. Feel free to send us this information in the spreadsheet format your system generates.

Required Fields for Basic Import (uses public record data for loan info):

  • Borrower First Name
  • Borrower Last Name
  • Borrower Email (If applicable: Co-Borrower First Name, Last Name, Email - a unique email is required for the co-borrower to be added (cannot be the same as borrower’s email)
  • Property Address
  • Property Zip

Required Fields for Loan Data Import (uses your loan data in conjunction with the public record to populate the most accurate digest for your clients):

  • Total Loan Amount
  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Term (# of Months)
  • Loan Purpose (Refi, Purchase, Etc)
  • Closing Date
  • NMLS Loan Originator ID (your personal NMLS ID)
  • NMLS Loan Type (similar to Lien Position)
  • Lender NMLS ID (your company NMLS ID)

Highly recommended fields (we recommend including this information, if possible):

  • Sold Price
  • Appraised Value
  • Borr & Co-Borr DOBs (MM/DD/YYY)
  • Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium
  • Loan Number (can be used in the future when integrating with the Homebot API)

When your spreadsheet is ready, send it to [email protected] and our team will handle the import for you!

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