The in-app notifications are at the top of every Digest and are always fresh and direct the homeowner to the most valuable information.  Your clients will see a new little "bell icon" with a pink number showing them how many notifications they have (see example screenshot below).  

When they click the bell icon, the notifications pop open... 

...and then clicking the notification will immediately "pop" the homeowner down to the relevant content in their digest.  In this example (see screenshot below), the notification directs the homeowner to the wealth-building power of doing a 15-year Refi.  

Over time, your clients will see many types of notificationsregarding wealth-building topics and tips, such as...

  • Refinance potential
  • Purchasing power (for investment properties and trade up)
  • Cash out potential
  • Short-term rental potential
  • Dropping mortgage insurance
  • ...and much more.
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