Bad emails happen from time to time as your clients move from job to job (or finally get rid of that embarrassing AOL moniker from high school ""). And, it's important to know which clients have, regrettably (and often by mistake), clicked "unsubscribe" from their digest.

Homebot let's you see which clients have an invalid email to help you manage your contact information and update accordingly. This helps you get Homebot out to the most clients. You can also see who has unsubscribed, whose email has bounce, etc. 

Let's talk about "Bad Emails"...

Using the "Email Issues" tab, you can now see a list of your clients whose email addresses have "failed" for one reason or another and need to be updated (see image below).  Simply click on each client's name to open their user info and edit their email address to a new one.  Or, if you are not sure, give them a call.  We've included their phone number right there in the list (see image below).  Once you update it, they will disappear from the list and start getting their Homebot digest!

Now let's talk about "unsubscribes"...

It happens.  Not often, but it does.  Homebot's overall unsubscribe rate is ridiculously low, but it does happen and it's very useful to know who has unsubscribed.  Why?  Well, our research shows that many unsubscribes are actually a mistake by the user.  In these instances, they aren't sure if Homebot is valid or not (remember, we're sometimes competing against a lot of junk mail).  We hear stories all the time of Agents and Lenders reaching out to their clients to ask why they unsubscribed and the response is, "I thought it wasn't really coming from you."  These are great opportunities to reach out to old clients and get their Homebot Digest flowing again!

But please note, we never recommend just resubscribing a user without first making direct contact and confirmation that it's OK to resubscribe them.  CAN SPAM regulations are very important and serious in regulated industries, like lending and real estate.  We know you understand!

What about emails you are SURE are valid but Homebot thinks  they are not?

If you see an email in your Email Issues list that you are sure is valid (we believe you!) just click the blue support icon in the lower right of your Homebot admin page or send us an email to or give us a call and we'll check it out. 

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